Upcoming events: Arena Montreal, Doubles Tournament
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PostSubject: Our community   Our community EmptyFri Apr 10, 2009 1:30 pm

The link to submit an army list does not work under firefox it seems. I haven't tried with other browsers.

On another note, I have just read the last post concerning the removal of GW canadian website. I am not sure if this post truly belongs in this forum but here are my thoughts and I hope others add up to it.

The company has been going through some major changes lately mainly due to events outside their control like the sky rocketing price of pewter due to china's demand, bad economic forecast, an increase in transportation cost, pressure from investors for a better dividend yield and a strong competition, in their market, from videogame companies.

All this means GW had to make big decisions like going from pewter to plastic, getting ride of it's costly bitz inventory department, closing locations that were not profitable, reducing some of it's marketing cost...

I dont have enough details to say if those changes are going to be enough to really put GW back on it's feet but they seem to have a good plan and are reacting fast unlike other companies in the business.

As customers and fan, those changes affect our hobby. The Montreal area saw one of it's GW location close earlier in January, the canadian website has merged with it's US counterpart, we can no longer order precious bitz from direct order...and so on.

At first like most customers ( I assume, correct me if i'm wrong), I got pretty pissed at GW for letting me down.
However, I see it now maybe as an opportunity for gamers and hobbyists in Quebec to some how build up from the ashes.
It's really Arena Montreal and the few grey knights that organise it that are keeping our hobby strong and are showing the management of GW that yes Quebec is a small market compare to Ontario and most of the state but we're out there.
As players and customers we can all do small things to help ourselves and the community. f
So how do you support your hobby and local community?
For exemple, by buying from your local stores, even if they are a little more expensive then Ebay or other websites; it keeps jobs and small business here in Quebec, if we dont, stores will close or wont make enough profit to be able to afford a gaming room, sponsoring events, hiring good people that are knowledgeable about the hobby...
Another way to help is to participate and sign up for events like arena montreal. Greyknights are volunteers and I'm sure it really gives them a boost of energy to see people as passionate about the hobby as they are. If their events are successful more will come.

It's my humble 2 cents on the matter, hope to see a lot of you soon at Arena. Cheers!
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PostSubject: Re: Our community   Our community EmptyWed Apr 15, 2009 8:19 pm

Thanks so much for your support!

Don't worry about the submission thingy it gives and error message and JF has been unable to fix it.

With everything that has been going on with GW of late it has made planning Arena a lot harder than in the past. We don't want to bring in local stores into the organization because then it causes friction and it show preferential treatment, therefore we wanted to stay neutral by not associating ourselves with a store.

With the closure of the GW Laval store and GW Canada our ads on the canadian web page no longer exist since it now falls under GW north america, so please be patient as we try to get our bearings right now, I am hoping that we have enough participants to keep Arena coming back for more, we need to know people are interested so that we can invest time and money into the event, generally we break even, at this point in time we might have not even broke even and some stuff would have to come out of our pockets ,all in all it is an expensive event. We want the best for our participants.

thanks so much for you post Orcasm looking forward to seeing you there!

"who can't log into the adminiistator account for some reason"
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PostSubject: Re: Our community   Our community EmptyThu Apr 16, 2009 5:18 pm

Hi there...

Just so everyone knows, by browsing the event list on the GW website, Arena Double has been announced on their website.

Our group will bring something like 6 fantasy teams, I'm pretty sure guys from Quebec City will come as well (at least a team for sure...) and I know of another in the Montreal area.

I don't think getting people from montreal is the biggest problem. I have seen lots of good publicity done at the Eaton Center in Montréal (Sébastien Carrière has this tournament at heart), I have made sure that everyone knows of the tournament on the eastern part of the town and I know guys from Gamer's world have made some publicity as well.

If we can manage to get some people from Ottawa or even a little further, we should be pretty much the same number than what we were at Arena Single last august.

As a gamer a player in the tournament, I will work a little harder up until next friday to get people from other canadian forum to consider coming in Montréal. From there, let's just hope for the best.

I know you guys a making huge efforts to give us that tournament, and I sincerely think that players too have their part to play in that.

I just hope it will not influence Arena single too badly...
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PostSubject: Re: Our community   Our community EmptyWed Jun 03, 2009 12:04 pm

Hey guys!
I'm relatively new to Warhammer 40k and found this website looking for some local War40k events/communities.
I just wanted to say I'm all for supporting the hobby around here, it's sad enough for me that I have to go to Montreal to get a chance to play (up north in St-Jerome I'm all alone, I think) so there's no way I'm going to let GW forget we exist!
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