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 Hall of Heroes - Rules and Documents.

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Hall of Heroes - Rules and Documents. Empty
PostSubject: Hall of Heroes - Rules and Documents.   Hall of Heroes - Rules and Documents. EmptyThu Jan 22, 2009 7:27 pm


For anyone who isn't familiar with the Hall of Heroes rules, here they are, on that webpage. I also took the time to write some notes on them and some opinions on Scoring. This is mostly from a Fantasy point of view on certain rules, because that's what I play.

On page 2 you are asked to have an Army Roster that includes
Point Values of all models in the armies
Point Values of all purchased upgrades and special equipment
Specifically which models are carrying upgrades and equipment
Player name and assigned tournament number if applicable
% spent on Core / Troops / Warriors in your armylist

Don't forget this and make at least 2 copies - Organizers may ask for your list to verify it, or at the end of the game, your opponent may ask to see your list to confirm that you did not 'add' anything else (I've seen it done, people using a magic item on a character that did not have it, just because it was the best situation) - its written in the HoH rules that we are supposed to verify our first opponent's list anyway.

Page 4 has two important things.

The 'Organizer' part - If you have written an army background (kind of important for a Doubles Tournament, WHY are you allied with x army?.. ) and have at least 30% of the points spent in Core/Troops then you receive additional points.

This 30% isn't an obligation but if you do not have it, you lose points that would go toward your Overall Score! And it makes some armies more balanced - instead of having 50% Characters and 10% Core (speaking of Fantasy here of course) you'd have something along the lines of 35% characters maybe to bring up Core and maybe remove special to also increase the total of points you put into Core units.

At 2000 pts, 30% is 600 pts. Its not a whole lot, but some people that go 'minimal core' (VC, HE, etc) will lose out on easy points if they go too character heavy.

Scoring a game, I've seen players give 1 in everything (out of 3 and out of 4) just so their opponent gets a lower overall score and helps themselves to rise higher in the score - doing something like that is really unsportive and if an Organizer sees you did this while your opponent gave you higher score, he might ask some questions about it and if necessary modify the scores accordingly - though this is all case by case - Just don't be cheap and unsportive, give the score they deserve. If someone deserves low score, at least write a quick note on why.

And then there are people who give full score to their opponent - because they're not sure what to give and don't want to appear cheap or something - Take the time to read the score sheet!


Sportsmanship (info found in the other PDF at the top of this post)

4 points : Exceptional Sport
This game was exciting, enjoyable and ran extremely smoothly.
Your opponent was one of the most enjoyable competitors you
have ever had the privilege to play.
3 points : Great Sport
2 points : Ok Sport
This should be the default score if none of the others apply. This
was the type of game you have come to expect at a tournament.
1 point : Poor Sport
0 points : Terrible Sport
This game was a disappointment regardless of the outcome. This
game was no fun and most of the time was spent arguing about
various interpretations of the rules. This was simply a game you
wish you had not played.

Sportsmanship is all about the mood of the game - if you had bad rolls and lost terribly, that doesn't mean you should give your opponent a low score on Sportsmanship unless he jumped around and rubbed it in your face of course (:
And if you crushed someone, you don't have to feel sorry for them and give them high score - if they didn't laugh it off and just 'stopped' playing then the game certainly wasn't fun for you even with a win, right?


The pdf at the top of the post says...

"After each game, players may award their opponents up to 4 honour
points. This is a players way to give points to areas that they feel are
important that may or may not be covered in the above categories."

Honour is one of the hardest thing to score 'fairly' if I can say so.
Most people will give 1 Honour point to their opponent - that seems fair.

Other instances where you could increase the Honour score is, for exemple, if your opponent reminded you at one point in the game that you forgot about something and lets you do it (if you forget something in the magic phase and its already the combat phase - that'd be too late of course and too bad for you! But if you forget something and just before heading to the next phase you're reminded to use whatever it is, then that deserves an honour point) or if you forget about a unit that needs to enter play differently (Ogre Kingdom Gorgers or Tomb King 'it came from below' ) and you are reminded to make your roll, that could deserve an honour point too.

Honour is a bit different from Sportsmanship but they are tied together.

And the last thing I want to talk about:

Army Presentation

The guidelines make reference to..
Display Stand
WOW Factor

and asks for a score of 0 to 3.
If someone has painted and based their army, it definitely deserves a 1 - only people with unpainted/unbased models should ever get a zero, anything else would be an insult to the person that took the time - even if they didn't have a lot of it and even if they didn't do a very great job - to paint the entire army.
A 2, in my opinion, is an army either with a theme or that is uniform - every regiment looks good next to another, no weird colour schemes that make everything look out of place, a higher painting quality and many conversions too.

3 is the obvious "omg that army is so awesome" that people will take 50 pictures of.

This thread is open to change and discussion, if you feel I forgot something or that you disagree on something, do post!
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Hall of Heroes - Rules and Documents. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hall of Heroes - Rules and Documents.   Hall of Heroes - Rules and Documents. EmptyThu Jan 29, 2009 12:35 pm

Once again by the end of this week we hope to have a FULL pdf of both Fantasy and 40K Rules I know Team Tournaments are fun but do involve lots of rules stuff.
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Hall of Heroes - Rules and Documents.
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